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Band : NGK
Parts No. : DCPR7E
Stock No. : 3932 / 4415 / 3482
NGK Standard Types Spark Plugs DCPR7E
Design Symbols used in NGK Spark Plugs
DC - Thread Size / Hex Size: 12 mm / 5/8" (16.0 mm)

P - Construction: Projected Insulator Type

Heat Rating Numbers : 7

E - Thread Reach: 19 mm (3/4")

NGK Standard Resistor Spark Plugs : DCPR7E

Standard Non Resistor Plug : DCP7E

Standard Green Plug :

Standard Resistor Green Plug :
Iridium IX : DCPR7EIX
Iridium MAX : DCPR7EIX-P
Premium RX : DCPR7ERX-P


Price is for each plug.
To make sure which spark plug will fit your car, please let me know your make and model and we will check it up for you / Download PDF file.

Cross Reference Denso Parts No. : XU22EPR-U

Japan Passenger cars catalogue 2012

Passenger cars catalogue 2012

Pdf Size 26 MB

NGK Spark plugs, glow plugs and spark plug caps for passenger cars

Motocycles scooters catalogue 2012

Pdf Size 2.4 MB

NGK Spark plugs, spark plug connectors, lambda sensors for motorcycles, scooters, quads and snowmobiles engines

Marine catalogue 2012

Pdf Size 4.6 MB

NGK Spark plugs and spark plug connectors for inboard motors, marine engines, outboard motors, jetskis

Equipment catalogue 2012

Pdf Size 6.3 MB

NGK Spark plugs for working equipment, commercial and industrial engines, brush cutters, scythes, generators, lawn mowers, chain saws

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